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The refrigerant distributor provides exceptional refrigerant mixing to ensure the evaporator coil circuits are equally fed and performance is maintained. As refrigerant passes through the thermostatic expansion valve, a portion of the liquid flashes, resulting in two-phase (liquid and vapor) flow at the inlet of the refrigerant distributor nozzle. The nozzle increases the velocity of the two-phase flow, mixing its liquid and vapor components. In addition, the nozzle is positioned such that flow is focused onto the dispersion cone, equally dividing the mixture into passageways spaced evenly around the cone. The refrigerant then flows through the distributor tubes to each evaporator circuit.


• Sizes and capacities for most applications
• Easy to solder
• Can be installed in any position
• Can be applied to any make mulit-circuit evaporator coil

• Multi-circuit evaporators in a refrigeration or air conditioning system